The Garden in June

BLOG POST number three

So this garden has turned out to be a little gem. Almost everyday we are met with something new. It is actually a real delight to have inherited an established plot. I’m so pleased that when we arrived everything in the garden was sleeping and as the days get warmer and longer we spend more and more time out here. We have treated ourselves to a gorgeous new bistro table for the little patio area at the right hand side and work continues on the clearing of the messy¬†corner. This is starting to take shape now with the need of a skip and slowly David clears the many old paving slabs and bricks to reveal quite a large space that we plan to make into a kitchen and fruit garden. I love so much that this corner is already screened with board fencing and established victoria plum trees. We have been looking for a shed to fit in the corner and to my surprise at how expensive they are! We were hoping to pick one up for a few hundred pounds but in reality we are looking at over five hundred and probably nearly eight. The plan is to gravel the area with feature paving to the shed and create some lovely raised beds for planting next year.fullsizeoutput_1660I am trying to put a garden journel together to try to identify all the plants we have. This is not as easy as hoped because there are so many but I plan to make a start at least and I am photographing the flower areas on a regular basis so hopefully by the end of the summer I will have more of an idea of what we have and how we need to take care of it.


The foxgloves are so pretty and I have heard that there are a shortage of bees so if you can’t find many in your own garden it might be because they are all in mine!





Well that’s my little garden up date and I hope to share more with you soon!

The Garden in May

BLOG POST number two

One of the main reasons we purchased this property was the large garden. The previous owners obviously loved the garden so invested a lot of money and time in it. Both David and I are keen gardeners and we are delighted daily with all the lovely plants and flowers that are popping up. We have plans of our own for it over the next couple of years. We want to replace the patio and steps down to the lawn and have some  gorgeous new walling put in. We have a lot of work to do!

I want to create an outdoor living space too with a wooden painted garden seat with roof to go at one end of the raised patio area and to mix in a garden table and chairs with lots of cushions and patio planting. This project will start in early spring next year so I have a few months to gather my style and source some wonderful things to fill this new space.



We have replaced the fencing to one side of the garden and removed shabby five foot panels that didn’t give us any privacy. We are amazed at the difference it has made to us. The other side of the garden has an established hedge so apart from needing a trim every now and then we are pleased that it gives us privacy on the other side too!