On the move!



April 2018

We recently moved into our forever home ‘Summerville” This property was everything on my wish list and more. We wanted to move to the country but we didn’t want to be too far from Norwich city centre so when a lovely bungalow came up in our property search we looked at it and thought well that’s lovely and it won’t hang about for long! Our house in Cringleford was a modern detached property on a development close to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. We decided that we really wanted a little more peace and quiet in our lives and although we had purchased the property four years previous we had not made it truly home.

I had qualified as an interior designer when my children were small and had styled up my previous Cringleford home. Our decision to buy the second property in the same area was born out of convenience rather than love for the area or house we were buying. As a result I never put my stamp on much of the house with the exception of my dining room and grandson’s Arlo’s nursery. I think that deep down we knew it wasn’t going to be for us in the long term.

We decided to view the property in south Norfolk and saw it on the sunniest day in August. The property had a fabulous garden and we were buying a shell to do up but we didn’t know that at the time as things always look better on a sunny day. We noted our interest as we hadn’t sold our Cringlford home at that point and was told by the owner that we could basically join the que of people who loved it and wanted to buy it but had not sold yet! I left that place with a smile on my face and said to David ‘well that home is for someone so why shouldn’t it be us’.One week later we had an offer on our home so we started to negotiate and within three days it was ours and we placed it the hands of our legal people. We moved out of our Cringleford home on the 20th of October leaving all our furniture and possessions in one side of the garage and headed off to Devon for a weeks holiday. The second week was spent in the Cotswolds. We returned to Norwich to stay at a friends empty house that was between lets. We were homeless officially for seven weeks but finally on the 7th of December we completed our purchase and had the keys in our hands.ACS_0076The property needs a lot of work doing to make it home and we discovered that although it had been architect designed, the standard of finish really fell short of our standards so it all needs to be replaced and although we do have some funds to do some of the work we need to tackle one room at a time so it isn’t such a daunting prospect!.