Is it Spring yet?

BLOG POST number seven

I really have to admit that winter is not my season. My garden goes to sleep and all the flowers and leaves fade and I hate being cold too! So I’m super excited that the sun has shone so much in last couple of weeks and hope that it’s spring on its way.


well it’s Spring in my kitchen!

This time of year is my busiest as I love to look at all the things I want to get done at home this year. We have been giving the walls the white treatment to brighten and freshen up the rooms. We have fully decorated Arlo’s room that he will soon be sharing with his little baby cousin due to arrive with us in May this year. We are really looking forward to meeting her and finding out her name.

We have recently painted our bedroom in white of course and that’s because it’s cheap but also I don’t have to think about colours at the moment and with so much to do here If I don’t commit to colour I can’t get it wrong! even as an interior designer with a qualification and everything I could still get it wrong because lets face it, choosing wall paint is difficult qualified or not! and paint is so expensive if you are opting for a fancy brand. I will add some colour at some point with textiles and maybe a little wall paper on the odd wall but for now I feel totally satisfied with a white base to work from. It’s actually incredible how it frames a room in that clean fresh look and how the natural light bounces off it creating interesting shapes and patterns of its own.

The reveal of our bedroom will take a little longer but we have a fancy new carpet and it needs some furniture and fresh new blinds and then I can style it up which is the bit I love but the bit that costs a lot so I try to pick things up as I go along but I have to admit I have zero for this room at the moment. I can report that the hall is completed now and it looks lovely. We have finally found Scandinavian light fittings that I will add to the blog as soon as I have a great shot.





I’m happy to report that I have opened a New Etsy Shop that sells my textile and print work. I am releasing the initial prints that Emmy designed in collaboration with me in 2017.

The plan is to offer all letters in various colour ways to mix and match with your decor but please be patient with us because you can imagine how much work Emmy and I have to re colour twenty six letters of the alphabet! I hope that Emmy isn’t reading this blog post because it might put her off doing it at all.


I’m sure you will agree that they look incredible!!


You can take a look at my shop here!

I have a number of textile projects on the go at the moment and i’m looking forward to sharing more about these in my next blog post.

I have made a few changes in Arlo’s room by adding some woodland bedding and i’m currently making a patchwork blanket for the new baby’s cot in muted shades of pink and grey and it will be so exciting to show you when it’s all completed. I have also managed after lots of years of wanting to teach myself how to crochet. It wasn’t a natural process for me but I made myself learn how to do it and I almost have a blanket for Arlo’s bed so I am nothing but determined! I will share this with you in my next post too.

Much love

Karrie x


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