Autumn is here!


BLOG POST number six

I can not believe that we are almost at the end of September already and yes I have been thinking that in just under 100 days it’s time to put up that dam tree again! Time really does fly by when you are having fun and I’m taking a look around Summerville to see all the things that we have managed to get done this year already.

I have two unfinished projects on the go at the moment and I’m sure it will take a little bit longer to pull all them together. I read a very interesting article recently about slow decorating. This is apparently a thing now where it’s cool to take your time doing up your living space so i’m finally on trend!

Looking at my first unfinished space,  I have been doing a lot of hallway faffing and I have picked up some lovely items to style up this space. I am far from the finished result but as I have promised myself that I would indeed produce one solid blog post each month, I’m aware that September is all but slipping away and I have produced nothing yet. I had planned to blog about my garden produce but to be honest we have eaten most of it so I am going to take you through my hallway progress so far.


I’m not going to talk about my decorating at this point as I want this post to be based on my styling which begins with this gorgeous mirror that I picked up a few years ago in The Range. They have a wonderful selection of mirrors at really good prices and this one cost around £30 so it was a bargain for a mirror its size. The pom-pom garland was purchased online from a small independent business based in New Zealand. I picked it up in their sale actually but it was perfect for my hallway and I loved the muted tones and little colour pops. It cost around £25 including shipping costs. The hello sign was purchased from Cotton Clara one of my favourite indi shops and it came as a little sewing kit so I feel that I have put something of myself into it. This cost around £12 and I attached it to the wall with a little velcro button that I made and i think it looks fabulous! The bowl was a bargain too from Homesense and although we don’t actually have one here in Norwich I popped in when i was visiting Newcastle for a friend’s wedding and snapped it up for £5.

The radiator cover was a bit of a faff but I loved the colour and style of this design from Jackstonehouse and  the existing radiator was actually too high for the standard size covers available on the market so my dearest agreed to change the radiators for me. He did it in an afternoon and actually changed what was single panel radiators for smaller double panel ones which will actually give out more heat in the autumn when the heating will need to got on. I was beyond delighted with them and although I’m not finished with the end result as far as pictures and accessories are concerned I wanted to show you how gorgeous they are.


IMG_0677I am still looking for the perfect lighting and hope to have this in place in the next month or so and I will produce a proper blog post with this space complete but I really wanted to show you my progress so far.

My new obsession is for Scandinavian mid-century vases and I have picked up two on eBay recently. I have also purchased a gorgeous Scandinavian pot for a plant to tuck up on my little shelf area but I have not found the plant yet so my slow decorating continues. I’m looking forward to getting a few more things done in here and I will show them off to you as soon as they are ready. I purchased a wall decal with a little message to my dearest when he walks through the door but you will have to wait to find out more about that!

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