The Garden In July

BlOG POST number four


Well I think it’s fair to say that this summer is a scorcher! We have not had a single drop of rain since the 6th of June. The lawn is brown and the beautiful plants are really suffering from the distinct lack of the wet stuff. Our garden at Summerville is big with very established deep borders and we have watered the new tender plants that we have put in but we couldn’t even begin to water everything else because it would just go on forever. We haven’t had a hose pipe ban yet but we have been asked to conserve our water supply so the decision was made to let it take its chance.

I could not bring myself to photograph our brown lawn and dream of it being green and lush once more but this will take a couple of months I’m sure. Instead I have created a colourful seating area which seems to have plants that don’t mind the dryer conditions and we will be giving thought to removing some of the plants that have suffered so badly and replacing the planting with shrubs that give more structure all year round with some evergreen varieties that will fill the borders in the middle and at the back. The garden is made up of some interesting planting and features a lot of plants that are bi annuals that come up fresh every year but die back and fade to the ground in the winter months. These plants are lovely and we will keep some of them but allow them to feature in the front of the borders and in spaces between structured shrubs. I really sound like I know what I’m talking about and to some degree I do but I have so much to learn!

Much to our amusement the garden has been designed and planting focused around the colour scheme of purple and some white. So nearly every plant that has flowered is yes you guessed it purple mostly. We do want to get rid of this rigid design formula and introduce some other colours into the garden. This will be costly and could take a while!



I loved creating this little seating space and we invested in a lovely bistro table and chairs to seat just two from John Lewis. We looked around for several weeks and settled on this grey set that looks really lovely against the shrubby planting. The cost varied a lot, we found this same set at Snape Maltings but the John Lewis buy cost £80 and the same buy at Snape was £120 so it proved that the power of the google search works when you don’t want to over pay for something. David picked up the Lobelia for just a couple of pounds and planted up some pots when I was out one day and I love the results. I picked up the vintage white linen tablecloth from eBay for just £10 and I love that someone has spent hours embroidering flowers onto it but they will never know how much I love it and will treasure it for years to come. The cushion is one of my home makes made with Moda fabric squares. I love how it tucks up on that little chair that says come sit a while.


I am addicted to granny square crocheted blankets and picked this one up a ten years ago at a Christmas fair for just £5 it lives in my grandson Arlo’s room here but I borrowed it for my styled shots of this lovely little garden space.

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