Arlo’s Room

BLOG POST number one

Before we moved into this property we knew that it would need decorating throughout and that was part of the appeal. The chance to make each space fully our own and to put our stamp on it. I have always loved interiors and I relish in this opportunity.

The first room I wanted to tackle was my grandson Arlo’s room. It is a good size for a fourth bedroom and has an interesting Velux roof light. I wanted to inject more light into the room and it was previously painted in a very uninspiring beige which I hated. I wanted to give the room the white treatment to see how the light behaved but Arlo’s previous room at our old house was white so I wanted to do something different in here. I love the colour navy blue so I created a scheme with a navy feature wall. It was very brave for me and in a small space I was taking a risk but I wanted the drama!




The room was in good decorative order so no surprises. The very grotty carpet was the first thing we removed and we discovered that almost every door handle in this property had a different style, and there are a lot of handles but my first task was to find a new handle design I liked and order enough to replace them all. I have pledged only to change handles on rooms we have completed so this could actually take a while! The handles I chose are not expensive and cost around £15 each. I love the shape as it’s designed with the shape of your hand in mind so they are lovely to hold and they are brushed steel which looks contemporary.



NAVY FEATURE WALL…… in progress with just the cutting in left to do! 


For the very first time in my decorating career I am using low tack masking tape to assist with the cutting in. I’m very good at it but applying navy blue is very unforgiving so I am going to mask up the white for the final coat. I hope it works! The wood work has had a good coat of white satin one coat paint and David has painted nearly all of it so it looks fresh and bright. I had to paint over the bits I splashed with navy but we won’t tell anyone about that!

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